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Council Recap – Tuesday, February 18

Council Recap – Tuesday, February 18

24 February 2020



Woodlands County Council discussed the following items at their regular scheduled meeting:

Bylaw 538/19 – Yellowhead and Woodlands County Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework and Bylaw 544/20 – Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework with Barrhead County were adopted, which outlines the respective services provided by each municipality, any funding agreements between the municipalities, and opportunities for future collaboration.

Council has scheduled a public hearing on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, at 7:15 pm at the Fort Assiniboine Regional Municipal office for Bylaw 545/20 – Draft Woodlands County/ Barrhead County Intermunicipal Development Plan. The draft document will be disseminated to impacted landowners for public consultation and feedback.

In alignment with Woodlands County Strategic Plan, a review of current bylaws and policies and procedures is taking place. Policy 6107 – Private Sewage Disposal Systems was revised and approved to include all districts that are in the Land Use Bylaw that could have potential installation of septic systems. Included in the revision was the condition to be placed on all development and subdivision approvals at the discretion of the Development Authority, which ensures that the County receives a copy of provincial septic permits.

Council approved the revision of Policy 7002 – Community Organization Capital and Operating Grants, which increases consistencies, efficiencies, and reduces budgeting risk while inspiring sustainability to our community groups and decreasing funding based on the current financial strategy.

The CRTC’s Broadband fund will provide up to $750 million over five years. It will support projects to build or upgrade access and transport infrastructure to provide fixed and mobile wireless broadband Internet access services in eligible underserved areas of Canada. Council will provide a letter of support for eligible applicants to bring desired broadband speeds to all parts of the region.

Woodlands County infrastructure system includes ~100 bridge structures that are inspected on a rotating basis and set for replacements and repairs. Landowners and impacted users of Twp. Rd 594A will be consulted regarding anticipated bridge repairs to discuss timelines and detours.

Registered users of the BARCC (Barrhead and Area Regional Crime Coalition) Connect system, are seeing municipal updates and public notifications sent to their devices. RCMP pushes crime alerts out when necessary. To register, visit or contact Woodlands County Communications Coordinator at 780-778-8400.



For further information, please contact:

Koren Scott, Communications Coordinator
PO Box 60, #1 Woodlands Lane
Whitecourt, AB T7S 1N3