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Property Assessment

Our assessment function is contracted by Accurate Assessment Group (AAG), which performs all facets of the assessment process. AAG is committed to ensuring that the County’s assessment base is fair and equitable and welcomes any questions regarding your assessment.

Troy Birtles, Assesor –
Phone: 1 (780) 778-8400
Toll Free:  1 (888) 870-6315
Fax: 1 (780) 778-8402


The County’s assessment department is responsible for the assessments of all residential, commercial, industrial and farmland properties located within Woodlands County.  Alberta Municipal Affairs is responsible for the assessment of linear properties which include power lines, telecommunication systems, pipelines and oil & gas wells (the surface equipment, however, is assessed by the County’s assessment department).

Woodlands County has implemented market value assessments, as required by the Municipal Goverment Act and associated regulations. Market value assessments are used for residential and non-residential properties.

Assessments are used as a means of distributing taxes among properties within the municipality.


Residential and non-residential properties are assessed at market value. The assessor first gathers all pertinent information about the property and then compares this information with other comparable properties, which have sold on the open market, to determine the assessment for the property. All factors attributed to value are included in the valuation, including outbuildings, etc. Personal belongings, however, are not included in the valuation of the property.


Farmland assessment values are not assessed at market value but rather by values which are regulated by the province. These values take different soil characteristics into consideration, such as soil group (black, dark, gray etc.), topsoil, depth, topography, stones, etc.

Farm buildings such as barns, grainaries, garages, etc. are not assessable as regulated by the province, and as such do not play a role in the assessment of a farm property for tax purposes.

Farm residences are assessed at market value, as are the first three acres encompassing the building site. The residence, however, is given an exemption based on the assessed value of the farmland in the owner’s “farm unit”.

A sample property assessment calculation would be as follows for a farm unit composed of three quarters of farmland with one of the quarters encompassing a residence valued at $100,000:

                                                          Assessment           Mill Rate        Taxes
Quarter # 1   Farmland                       $18,000                  10.12           $182.16
Quarter # 2   Farmland                       $13,500                  10.12           $136.62
Quarter # 3   Farmland                       $15,200
3 acre site                                           $30,000

Residence                          53,300      $98,500                  10.12          $996.82

The residence assessment in the example is calculated as follows:
Value of residence $100,000

Less assessment of
$46,700                     ($18,000 + $13,500 + $15,200)
Farmland in unit

The assessment for Quarter # 3 in the example is calculated as follows:

Farmland assessment                               $15,200
Plus 3 acre site assessment                     $30,000
Plus residence assessment                      $53,000
Total Taxable Assessment                       $98,500


Industrial properties include, gas plants, sawmills, compressor stations, dehydrator packages, separator packages, etc. “Smaller” Industrial properties are assessed using the provincial Machinery and Equipment assessment manual. Larger Industrial properties, however, are assessed using the actual installation costs which have been adjusted for certain non-assessable costs.