ATV Sprayer $10.00/day
Backpack Sprayer $5.00/day
Bran Bait Appl. $20.00/day
Calf Cradle $20.00/day
Cattle Scale $50.00/day
Cattle Squeeze $40.00/day
Corral System $50.00/day
Demco Sprayer $20.00/day
Forage Sampler $5.00/day
Hand Seeder $5.00/day
Hog/Sheep Scale $5.00/day
Land Roller $75.00/day
Magpie Trap $5.00/week
Meter Mizer $5.00/week
Post Hole Auger $35.00/day
Post Pounder $50.00/day
Pruning Equipment $1.00/day/package
Skunk Trap $5.00/week
Soil Sampler $5.00/day
Tractor Cyclone Seeder $5.00/day
Tree Spade $65.00/day

The rental equipment to the left is available to both the Fort Assiniboine and Whitecourt areas, and must remain within the Woodlands County boundaries.

Equipment will only be transported between the Whitecourt & Fort Assiniboine equipment yards through the course of the staff’s regular duties. Lessees are responsible for picking up equipment and returning to the same location, unless otherwise instructed.

To Book Call:

Debbie & Stephen Speer (Whitecourt Area): (780) 706-0519

Fort Assiniboine Office: (780) 584-3866 or Toll Free: 1-866-584-3866