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Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)2016-03-31T13:14:35-06:00

1. What is the T.I.P.P. program?

The T.I.P.P. Program is a monthly tax installment payment plan that enables ratepayers to make twelve monthly installments for property taxes rather than one annual payment.

2. Why should I use the T.I.P.P. program?

Woodlands County issues property tax notices once per year and the full balance is payable by June 30. As the amount is payable in one lump sum, many ratepayers find this places a burden on their cash flow. The T.I.P.P. program allows the ratepayer to break this large payment into equal monthly installments to make budgeting for monthly expenses easier. Ratepayers also avoid the possibility of missed payments and any corresponding penalty on the late payments.

3. How does the T.I.P.P. program work?

The plan runs from January to December each year. Payments are due and payable on the first day of each month. The first six months’ payments are based on the previous year’s property tax levy.

As a participant in the T.I.P.P. program, your monthly payments will be revised in July to coincide with the annual issuance of property tax notices. You will be advised in June of the revised monthly payments, which commence with your July payment.

Any adjustment required as a result of the annual levy will be spread over the last six payments of the year. These revised payments continue until June of the following year.

Payments may be made by automatic withdrawal from your bank account or by postdated cheques. We require written permission before automatic withdrawals will begin. The County does not charge for this service; however, normal bank service charges may apply


  • Preceding year’s taxes were $1,200.00
  • January through June monthly payments would be $100/month ($1,200/12 months)
  • Property taxes are billed for the current year of $1260.00
  • Less payments made from January to June (6X$100.00) ($600.00)
  • Balance Owing $660.00
  • July through December monthly payments would be $110.00 ($660.00/6 months)

4. How do I withdraw from the program?

You may withdraw from the plan by giving written notice at least TWO WEEKS prior to the next payment date. NOTE: If you withdraw from the plan all unpaid taxes become due and payable. Taxes that remain unpaid will be subject to a penalty of 6 per cent on the balance outstanding if the withdrawal takes place after June 30, or a penalty of 12 per cent on the balance outstanding if the withdrawal takes place after August 30.

5. What if I change bank accounts?

If you change your bank account, please advise the County at least TWO WEEKS prior to the next payment date.

6. What happens if I sell my property during the year?

When your property is sold, T.I.P.P. participants are asked to inform the County at least TWO WEEKS prior to the next payment date. It is important that you notify us as soon as possible to ensure that payments are discontinued at the proper time.

7. How do I apply for the T.I.P.P. program?

To apply for the T.I.P.P. program, you are required to complete and sign a Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan Agreement, which is available at County offices in Whitecourt and Fort Assiniboine. The deadline for applications for the next taxation year is December 21.

If you have more questions about the T.I.P.P. program, please call (780)778-8400 between the hours of 8:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Download Tax Installment Payment Plan form