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Development Permits

Note: During the temporary office closure, the Planning and Development Services Department is still open for business, however has limited resources while working remotely. Processing times for permit applications, fee payments and general inquiries on development, subdivision and land use amendment applications may be longer than average.

In-person permit applications (at our counters), and inspections will not be accommodated at this time. Application forms for development services are available on line at . Payments for application fees may be made by credit card.

We encourage residents, if you do have any development related questions or for clarification on submitting permits and paying fees to please contact the office at 780-778-8400 and your enquiry will be relayed to the Planning Department staff.

We thank you in advance for your patience.

~Woodlands County, Planning and Development Team

If you are planning a development on your property, such as:

  • constructing or moving a residence, mobile home, or modular;
  • constructing or moving an outbuilding such as a garage, shop or shed – permanent or temporary;
  • starting a home occupation or business;
  • Industrial/Commercial Uses;
  • Natural Resource Extraction;

various types of permits are required, depending on the location of your property and the type of your development.  The development permit from the Woodlands County and the Building, Plumbing, Gas and Electrical permits issued under the Provincial Safety Codes Act are the ‘most common’ permits that are required for developments.  It should also be noted that other departments, such as the Health Department, and Alberta Transportation may also require permits for certain developments.

Development permit fees – The development permit is required to ensure that the development meets the requirements of the Woodlands County Land Use Bylaw. The development permit applications are available at either of the Woodlands County offices and must be approved by Woodlands County PRIOR to development commencing. Click HERE for a list of fees.

Permits required by the provincial government Safety Codes Act:

  • Building permit
  • Plumbing permit
  • Gas permit
  • Electrical permit

Alberta Municipal Affairs has authorized the following agencies to issue permits under the Safety Codes Act within Woodlands County:

Inspections Group
Permit Types: Building, Electrical, Septic/ Plumbing, Gas
Edson: 1-877-723-4923
Fax: 1-855-723-3991
Edmonton: 1-866-554-5048
Fax: 1-866-454-5222

Superior Safety Codes
Permit Types: Building, Electrical, Septic/ Plumbing, Gas
Edmonton: 1-866-999-4777
Fax: 1-780-489-4711

** This list was produced by Woodlands County and is intended to be used as a guide only. It is the owner/developer’s responsibility to ensure that all of the proper permits have been issued for any type of development. The owner/developer has the option of which agency he/she wishes to utilize to issue the appropriate permits for their development.

Click HERE to view other permitting agencies, soil classification testing labs and septic installers.

For more information please contact our Planning and Development Department at:

Woodlands County Municipal Office
Box 60, #1 Woodlands Lane
Whitecourt, AB  T7S 1N3

More information can also be found on Woodlands County’s Development FAQ page.

Download a development application package here.

Development permit applications for a Business: Please complete the Business Information Sheet.

Woodlands County development application packages may also be obtained at County offices in Whitecourt and Fort Assiniboine.