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Our regions spans from Whitecourt, north and east to Fort Assiniboine, and includes Goose Lake and Blue Ridge, and all points in between.

Woodlands County is a rural municipality approximately 150 kilometers northwest of Edmonton, Alberta. With an area of 7,668 square kilometers, the county surrounds the Town of Whitecourt, and includes the hamlets of Blue Ridge, Goose Lake and Fort Assiniboine.

With a population of over 4,600 people, Woodlands County is a thriving natural playground, welcoming families, businesses and tourists alike to experience and enjoy all there is to offer.

Woodlands County… BRING IT!

What's New

Notice: Recent weather conditions have deteriorated the roads within the Whitecourt Regional Landfill.  Crews are working to maintain the road; however, travel in and out of the facility by car is not recommended.  (It is advised that travel to and from the landfill be in vehicles with four wheel drive until further notice.)

The Whitecourt Regional Landfill appreciates your cooperation and understanding.  If you have questions or require further information, please contact the Whitecourt Regional Landfill at 780-648-2273.