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Public Consultation

Woodlands County values ongoing conversation with its residents and property owners. To allow fluid two-way communication, we host sessions to gain feedback from the public, present opportunities and ideas and take time to get to know who our residents are. 

Current Public Consultation Opportunities:

Fort Assiniboine Legion HallTuesday, March 28, 20236 - 7:30 pm

 Woodlands County would like to invite residents to review and provide comments on the expansion of the Woodlands R.V. Park and River Marina. DML 150511 is located along the shores of the Athabasca River to the southeast of the hamlet of Fort Assiniboine.

Woodlands County is in possession of the DML (Miscellaneous Lease) from the Province of Alberta located on PT. SE 1-62-6-W5M, PT. SE/SW 6-62-5-W5M, and PT. NE 31-61-5-W5M shown below. As part of the strategic direction outlined in the Woodlands County Recreation Plan, the lands were obtained to construct a walking path along TWP RD 620A and RR 55A south to connect to the Athabasca boat launch east of Fort Assiniboine at a future time.

An adjacent landowner request was received by Woodlands County to take over a portion of the DML (identified in the map below) to expand the existing Woodlands R.V. Park and River Marina. The adjacent landowner has proposed an expansion of approx. 20 – 30 camping sites.

If Council approves transferring a portion of the DML, the final approval rests with the Government of Alberta. 

County administration has recommended to Council that if the transfer is approved, the following conditions should be placed as part of the approval:

  • A 10-meter-wide area along the roadway be kept in the County’s name for a future walking path;
  • The proponent would be responsible for all fees associated with the transfer including, but not limited to, surveying, consultant fees, and legal fees;
  • The approval shall only proceed once an approved development agreement is in place.

Information will be onsite at the public consultation session.

Woodlands County
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Attention: Andre Bachand, Director, Infrastructure
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For more information, please contact the above at 780-778-8400.