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Meet Your Council

Woodlands County is led by a dedicated group of individuals representing each of our areas individually, and collectively governing our region.

Please meet your Council:

Councillor for Whitecourt West

Electoral Division: Division 2,  Whitecourt West
Phone: 780-706-4747


Councillor for Anselmo

Electoral Division: Division 1, Anselmo
Phone:  780-778-9337

Dave Kusch grew up in Whitecourt and graduated from Hilltop Highschool in 2000. 

Having an interest in business, he enrolled and graduated from NAIT with a diploma in business management.  As his wife, Blair is very passionate about horses and in 2013, they moved to their acreage in the Anselmo area to be able to enjoy their love of the outdoors and start their family.

Dave was elected to Council in the December 2019 by-election held in Division 1, by acclamation.

“I feel blessed to be able to raise, my two young boys, in this community and to hopefully serve the area to my best ability” – Dave Kusch


Councillor for Whitecourt Central

Electoral Division: Division 3,  Whitecourt Central
Phone: 780-778-3343
Cell: 780-779-6234


Councillor for Whitecourt East

Electoral Division: Division 4,  Whitecourt East
Phone: 780-778-0202

Jim Rennie was first elected into office in 2001 and was Mayor of Woodlands County from 2005-Jan 2019.
Some of his greatest mayoral accomplishments have resulted from his consistent enthusiasm toward developing inter-municipal partnerships.

These partnerships have allowed residents to reap the rewards of new facilities and also experience world-class events that would otherwise not have been possible. 

Councillor Rennie is also an advocate for economic development and spends a great deal of time working with new businesses that are looking to expand in the community. In addition, he has owned and operated a business in Whitecourt for the past 25 years.

Most importantly, Jim and his wife Sarah have three young children and in his spare time, Councillor Rennie volunteers with the local Tae Kwon Do club as an instructor.


Councillor for Blue Ridge

Electoral Division: Division 5,  Blue Ridge
Phone:  780-779-3917


Councillor for Goose Lake / Freeman River

Electoral Division: Division 6,  Goose Lake/Freeman River
Phone: 780-584-2619

Dale McQueen grew up in the Fort Assiniboine area and commencing school in 1966 at the Fort Assiniboine School.  

His family started out on a homestead lease in the Topland area and moved to the Lone Pine area in 1972.  After graduating high school Dale went to work for Simpson Timber in Blue Ridge.   He worked as a labourer, millwright, and purchasing agent. 

He left the mill after his father passed away and commenced farming full-time, however a few years later returned to the Mill as a contractor in the purchasing department for West Fraser for several years.

Dale and his wife Joanne currently run a mixed farming operation, with the cow calf operation being their main interest.  They raised their son Steve on the farm who is now a millwright at West Fraser and helps them with the farming as time will allow.

Dale was elected to Council in 2007 and is currently in his third term.  He currently sits on 13 boards/committees.  He along with his wife Joanne were also recently nominated as Northlands Farm Family of the year.

“I am truly humbled and appreciative of the recognition we received this year by being nominated as Northlands Farm Family of the year.”  – Dale McQueen

If you have any concerns or questions Dale can be reached at 780-584-2619.

Councillor for Fort Assiniboine / Timeu

Electoral Division: Division 7,  Fort Assiniboine/Timeu
Phone: 780-584-2610