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Land Use Bylaw

The purpose of the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is to regulate and control the use and development of land and buildings within Woodlands County in order to achieve orderly and economic development of land.

 Woodlands County
Land Use Bylaw 490/17
The objectives of the Land Use Bylaw are to:

  • To maintain and enhance the quality of life by providing opportunities to attain individual and community aspirations,
  • To conserve and enhance the environmental quality in Woodlands County,
  • To foster planned, efficient, economical and beneficial development that provides diversity of choice, lifestyle and environment,
  • To prescribe and regulate, for each district, the purposes for which the land and buildings may be used;
  • To establish a method of making decisions, on applications for development permits, and issuing development permits for any development,
  • To establish supplementary regulations governing certain specific land uses;
  • To establish a method for making decisions on applications for subdivision approval; and
  • To establish a procedure for making amendments to the Bylaw.