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Fees & Charges

Planning & Development Fees are determined by the Schedule of Fees Bylaw.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment$2,000
Certificate of Compliance$150
Discharges & Registration$15
Title Search$15
SDAB Appeal$500 refundable if appeal successful
New Development Permit Renewal - 1 Year$75
Environmental Assessment Review Request$200
Road Closure Request$1,000 + cost per policy

Development PermitFee
Industrial/Large Commercial Use$1,000
Natural Resource Extraction$2,500
As Built Development or Proceeding without a Permit2x Permit Fee

Subdivision Application$600 + first parcel out
Subdivision per lot created$250/per lot
Subdivision Endorsement$150/per parcel
First Construction Certification InspectionFree
Subsequent call out Inspections$200
Third Party ReviewsCost + 10%
First Time Extension Request$250
Second Time Extension Request$500
Third & Final Time Extension Request$750
Additional Time Extension Request Beyond Three$1,000

Contact Planning & Development for more information.
Phone: 780-778-8400
Toll-Free: 1-888-870-6315