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Health Services


Whitecourt Healthcare Centre
20 Sunset Blvd
Whitecourt, AB., T7S 1M8
Phone: 780.778.2285


Barrhead Healthcare Centre
4815 – 51 Avenue
Barrhead, AB., T7N 1M1
Phone: 780.674.2221


Mayerthorpe Healthcare Centre
4417 – 45 Street
Mayerthorpe, AB., T0E 1N0
Phone: 780.786.2261


  • Associated Medical Clinic
    5035 – 51 Street
    Phone: 780.778.2224
  • Life Medical Spa
    4740 – 50 Avenue
    Phone: 780.706.7080


Family Practice Associates
4714 – 50 Street
Phone: 780.778.2412


  • Barrhead Medical Centre
    5021 – 51 Street
    Phone: 780.674.2246
  • Barrhead Clinic Holdings
    5040 – 49 Avenue
    Phone: 780.674.2231

Empowering Citizens for Health & Opportunity (ECHO) Society

4723-50 Avenue, Box 2096
Whitecourt, AB., T7S 1P7
Phone: 780.778.2660
Fax: 780.779.4190

Alberta Health Services

Whitecourt Healthcare Centre
20 Sunset Blvd.
Whitecourt, AB., T7S 1M8
Phone: 780.778.5555
Fax: 780.778.8554

Alberta Health Care

10025 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton.AB.,T5J 2N3
Phone: 780.427.1432

Wellspring Family Resource & Crisis Centre

5116-51 Avenue
Whitecourt, AB.,T7S 1A1
Phone: 780.778.2410
Fax: 780.778.2410

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Alberta & N.W.T

10985-124 Street
Edmonton, AB., T5M OH9
Phone: 780.451.4545
Fax: 780.454.1593

Primary Care Network – McLeod River

Whitecourt Office
5113 – 50 Avenue
Whitecourt, AB., T7S 1N7
Phone: 780.779.0079
Fax: 780.779.0033

The AHS Screen Test Mobile Mammography Clinic is returning to Whitecourt July 10 to 27, 2021. Screen Test, partnering with AHS Screening Programs, is also providing cervical and colorectal screening services July 14 to 16 and 20 & 21, 2021.

Mobile mammography service was suspended for three months in 2020 due to COVID-19. While service has resumed, AHS is several months behind on their usual rotation. Screen Test is taking precautions to ensure the safety of clients and staff and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Details will be shared when clients call 1-800-667-0604 toll-free to book an appointment.

What is a mammogram and who should be screened?

Screening mammograms are routine tests used to find early signs of cancer in women who have no breast problems or symptoms. The screening can find changes in the breast that are too small to be felt by a woman or her doctor. Early detection with mammograms plays a large factor in women surviving breast cancer.

  • Women 50 to 74 are most commonly diagnosed with breast cancer, and should plan to have a mammogram every 2 years until they turn 75. This group can self-refer.
  • Women 40 to 49 should discuss the risks and benefits of screening with their health care provider. A referral is needed for a first mammogram in Alberta, which is available online.
  • Women 75 and over can continue screening and should discuss the risks and benefits with their health care provider.
  • Screening mammograms are not recommended for women under age 40. Women in this age group should discuss their breast cancer risk and mammography options with their health care provider.

What is cervical cancer screening and who should be screened?

Cervical cancer screening, also known as pap tests, are used to find potential health issues or conditions before symptoms appear and 90% of cervical cancer can be prevented with early treatment.

  • Women 25 to 69 should receive a Pap test. After the first Pap test, women should have a Pap test once every three years.

What is colorectal cancer screening and who should be screened?

Colorectal cancer screening looks for early signs of cancer in the digestive tract of people who feel well and have no symptoms. It is easier to treat when found at an early stage with 90% of cases successfully treated when found early.   

  • Everyone aged 50 to 74 should receive regular colorectal screening. Consult your healthcare provider to determine if the FIT home stool test or colonoscopy is the right test.

To learn more about cancer screening services, visit or call 1-800-667-0604.